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Yoga & Meditation in Italy Misano Adriatico

YogaMea School is the perfect school for you, you will have the right opportunity to merge the power of yoga, meditation and active Cycling Holidays. At our school, located in a charming hotel a few meters from the beach, and still part of the HoyHotels chain, we offer you a complete service, within everyone's reach and disposal.

Bikers Holiday Italy

Imagine an active vacation where you can experience inner tranquility through the practice of yoga and meditation, combined with the excitement and adventure of cycling. With YogaMea School , present in your package, we are committed to creating unrepeatable experiences, in a sober and welcoming environment, but also very stimulating, to help you discover your inner potential, while enjoying the beauties of nature poured into the sea. Our team of highly qualified instructors will guide you through Hatha and Ashtanga yoga classes, plus with meditation you will experience true relaxation of the mind, you can stretch the body and restore inner balance. Each practice will be personalized and adapted to individual needs, always taking into account the level of experience of each individual subject, guaranteeing an enormously rewarding experience with professionalism, both for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Our cycling holidays add an element of adventure to your experience. You will explore magnificent coastal routes and breathtaking landscapes as you cycle along routes specially selected to offer you an unforgettable experience. The bicycle becomes a tool for immersing yourself completely in the beauty of the surrounding nature, experiencing a sense of freedom and well-being. At our beach hotel, you can enjoy the luxury of unwinding and re-energizing after a day of activities. You will be pampered with high quality services, including the famous Romagna cuisine, healthy and tasty, wellness treatments and access to hotel amenities.

During the years, we have transformed the union between three different entities such as; HoyHotels, Bikers Holiday and YogaMea School, an experiential journey accessible to all, because we believe that being on vacation and having the opportunity to combine the practice of yoga, with meditation together with bicycle excursions, can bring benefits to people of all age and fitness levels. Whether they are beginners or experts, we offer programs suitable for all needs, with the safety of outings with local guides, able to adapt the itineraries based on the individual preparation of the participants

By purchasing a Bikers Holiday, you also marry HoyHotel for your stay on the Riviera, but also YogaMea School, for the harmony of mind, body and soul that come together in a warm embrace of 360-degree pleasure, for your holidays more and more active, dynamic and adventurous to do on the saddle of your bicycle. Come and discover inner peace, experience the joy of exploring new and fascinating places. We are waiting for you to let you live a unique experience that will leave a lasting impression on your heart to be repeated as soon as possible.