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Racing bicycles, also known as road bikes or road bikes, are designed to deliver high-speed performance on paved roads. These lightweight, aerodynamic bikes are used extensively in road cycling, both in professional competition and as a recreational activity. The history of racing bikes goes back a long way, with the first models dating back to the late 19th century. Over the years, racing bikes have undergone numerous technological improvements, such as the introduction of steel, aluminum and carbon frames, along with lighter and more aerodynamic components.

These advances have allowed cyclists to reach higher speeds and meet the challenges of road racing. Now, let me tell you about our organization, Bikers Holiday Italia, located in beautiful Misano Adriatico, in the Romagna region, near Rimini. We are an organization dedicated to lovers of two wheels, which promotes the concept of Bike Hotels in Italy and Spain. We are proud to partner with Hoy Hotels, a well known name in the industry, who have specialized in offering active holidays of all kinds Our partnership with Hoy Hotels allows us to offer a superior experience to cyclists who choose to stay at our property. In particular, thanks to a collaboration agreement entered into with the Misano Adriatico hotel chain, we can offer a series of services dedicated to racing bikes, but not only.

HoyHotels has a dedicated racing bike shed, which offers a safe and secure environment for storing any type of bike during your stay. In addition, there is also a specially equipped bike washing area, so cyclists can keep their bikes clean and in perfect condition. The workbench with repair tools is a valuable addition, allowing riders to make minor repairs or adjustments if needed. The safety of customers' bikes is a priority for us and for HoyHotels. Therefore, the dedicated garage is equipped with a 24-hour video surveillance rack, which guarantees maximum protection and peace of mind for customers' bikes. Additionally, each rider will receive a special keyed lock to add an extra layer of security. In conclusion, our collaboration with Bikers Holiday and HoyHotels allows us to offer a complete service for cyclists who are passionate about racing bikes. We are happy to provide a dedicated shed, bike washing area, repair workbench and video monitored rack to ensure the safety of our customers' bikes.