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Off-road bicycles, commonly known as mountain bikes or MTBs, are designed to tackle rough terrain, dirt trails and off-road trails. These bikes feature sturdy frames, shock absorbers, and specially designed tires to provide traction and control on uneven terrain. The history of mountain bikes dates back to the 1970s, when a group of adventurous cyclists in California began modifying their bikes to tackle rough terrain. This led to the birth of the first mountain bikes like the Yeti, Specialized Stumpjumper and Gary Fisher. Today, mountain biking has become very popular around the world, both as a competitive sport and as a recreational activity. There are different off-road disciplines, including cross-country, downhill, enduro and trail riding, each with specific characteristics of the bikes to meet the different challenges.

Speaking of our organization, Bikers Holiday Italia, located in Misano Adriatico in the Romagna region, we are a company that offers services for two-wheel lovers. In collaboration with the HoyHotels hotel chain, which makes a dedicated bike shed available to our customers and avid cyclists. A truly precious service for lovers of two wheels, as it allows them to enjoy their stay in peace, thanks to the hotel staff and the presence of a latest generation video surveillance system, always in operation. Furthermore, we also offer a bike rental service, with racing bikes, mountain bikes, and gravel bikes; This is an affordable option for those who don't own their own bike, or those who prefer to try out different models before buying their own. Bike rental allows anyone to participate in guided excursions and to explore the paths and natural beauties of the area without having to worry about transporting their own bike from home. Our location is Misano Adriatico, in the province of Rimini, in the Romagna region, which by the sea offers vast options, all very suggestive for mountain biking. Romagna is known for its hilly landscapes, scenic trails and paths through woods and vineyards. Mountain bikers will certainly find plenty of opportunities to have fun and challenge themselves on breathtaking terrain.